AssuranceWe have operated to a bespoke integrated safety, quality and environmental management system since inception and continually develop this in line with our improved management review processes

All necessary accreditations are in place for the services that we perform on behalf of our clients, throughout all UK railway networks


We are RISQS (Railway Qualification Scheme) accredited and also certified to ISO:9001 (Quality Management)

We are also members of CIRAS (safety reporting) and a SENTINEL scheme sponsor (railway safety competencies)

RISQS        ISO:9001 Quality Management        CIRAS        Sentinel


In conjunction with our annual external audit obligations, we also have our own certified inernatal auditor who undertakes a rolling programme of internal quality compliance audits

This level of assurance ensures that we are able to demonstrate that we truly satisfy the high standards of management controls set out within our Company Management System

We actively seek feedback on all of our services from clients at least on an annual basis, however ad-hoc feedback from parties within any of our client organisations would also be greatly appreciated which can be done using our standard Client Feedback

If there are any specific assurance accreditations that we do not hold which would prevent your organisation from using our services please let us know



We maintain Employers liability, Public liability and Product liability business insurance cover for the protection of our employees, co-workers, clients and the public

£10m Professional Indeminty insurance cover is in place to provide financial certainty to our Clients, for all of the decisions we make and the professional advice we supply

In order to prevent any loss of service from our business, in the event of a serious disruption such as office destruction, we also maintain business continuity insurance cover that would enable us to continue trading without delay to the normal running of our service

If there are any specific insurance covers that we do not hold which would prevent your organisation from using our services please let us know